How do you set your prices?

When we receive a shipment, we often do not have a lot of detail surrounding the items we receive.  We examine the item and then go online to search for the same item.  We then take note of the prices listed and take an average (or the most common) listed price.  AND THEN WE CUT IT BY 50 - 70%

If an item is only available out of country, we will take that price and adjust it to account for exchange rates.  If the item is large, or unusually heavy, we will factor in the cost of shipping.

Can you put this on hold for me? I reeeeeeaaallly NEED it!

As much as we know how much you love this item, and how much you need it, we cannot afford to put things on hold.  We have limited storage space, and have been (sadly) burned in the past by people who changed their mind, and forgot to tell us. Sometimes we are willing to consider a hold, if you are willing to put down a cash deposit - but that needs to be discussed with the boss. 

We often get only one of each item... and we cannot pre-determine what is coming - so unfortunately the first priority goes to the person who is there... interested in taking the item home. If there's no deposit, there is no guarantee it will be there when you come back.

Are you willing to haggle on the price? What if I am willing to pay cash? *wink wink*

We all know that everyone wants a great deal.  But we ARE offering the item at 50 - 70% off the REGULAR RETAIL PRICE!  How much better of a deal can you want?  We also pay taxes, so cash, or no cash - the sale is rung through the till. We ask that you respect that we are trying to give you as much of a deal as possible - so we keep our margins quite low.  

Do you offer delivery?  Do you offer shipping?

We do not currently have the ability to offer delivery. We are sorry, but again - it's one of the ways we are managing our overhead.  We recognize that this can be inconvenient sometimes... maybe downright impossible for some people, and for that we are sorry - but we just are not able to offer that service at this time.

What if the item I purchased is defective?

If you purchased an item, and find that it stops working, we will replace the item (if a comparable item is available), or refund the purchase price within 14 days... as long as you have your receipt!  

I really need <insert item name here>... do you have one?  How about now?  When will you get one?

There may be an item that you are looking for... a hot tub, or patio set, that special vanity... a whole box of ferret spray... And as much as we want to keep an eye out for you, please keep in mind that we get hundreds of such requests.  We really do try our best to make everyone happy, but we just can't manage all those requests sometimes.  We do try to post items on Instagram / Facebook / tumblr - but as we grow... we cannot guarantee those sites show everything we get / have.  Some items are gone as soon as they hit the floor.


And let's face it... that's kind of what makes it so exciting!

Why aren't you open late or every weekend? Your hours are really hard for us to get down there! 


This is a tough one for us. We know that our hours are not ideal for many people (especially for those 9-to-5ers!).  We would love to be able to stay open late and open on weekends, but to be honest... we just cannot do that at this time.  

The "Boss", Dean, is here most days from start to close (though we are working on getting him some time off!), and he (like many of us) has a family that he enjoys seeing on a regular basis!  He also has a home, and yard, and... well... you get the picture... because you have that life too.

We have looked at the idea of increased staffing... but for now, that would result in a need to increase our margins... which means... higher prices.

So, while we know this is not ideal.. with our current situation, our hours are the best we can offer at this time.  We really hope you understand!